Journey - Revelation

Journey – Revelation

89 / 100

This Journey article is a bit different. We are gonna let members cast their own thoughts on this album, rather than the Glory Daze staff.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Journey
ALBUM: Revelation
LABEL: Frontiers
YEAR: 2008
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Arnel Pineda – vocals * Neal Schon – lead guitars * Jonathan Cain – keyboards, rhythm guitars * Ross Valory – bass * Deen Castronovo – drums, backing vocals


CD1: 01 Never Walk Away * 02 Like A Sunshower * 03 Change For The Better * 04 Wildest Dream * 05 Faith In The Heartland * 06 After All These Years * 07 Where Did I Lose Your Love * 08 What I Needed (Was You) * 09 What It Takes To Win * 10 Turn Down The World Tonight * 11 Revelation (The Journey)

CD2: 01 Only The Young * 02 Dont Stop Believin’ * 03 Wheel In The Sky * 04 Faithfully * 05 Any Way You Want It * 06 Who’s Crying Now * 07 Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) * 08 Lights * 09 Open Arms * 10 Be Good To Yourself * 11 Stone In Love



This Journey article is a bit different. We are gonna let members cast their own thoughts on this album, rather than the Glory Daze staff. As the Editor, I could take artistic license and cast my thoughts on this album, but I have decided in the better interest of politics, opinion and persuasion, to keep my thoughts to myself on this one.

Many months prior to this release, there was so much debate on this new Journey album, their new lead singer, and the outing of their previous short term replacement Jeff Scott Soto. Already, I have seen the views of some of members on this site, I have read and digested the thoughts of others elsewhere on the Internet, and quite frankly, its all a bit over the top and hyperbolic.

The Songs

As most of you know, there are two versions of ‘Revelation’ out in the market place. The US version is a Walmart Store release only – containing three discs (new studio album, a CD with re-released songs, plus a live DVD from a performance in Las Vegas back in March 2008.

The European release on the Frontiers label is a two disc set only (minus the live DVS) and for a point of difference, they offer a separate bonus track on the new studio album. I ended up buying the Walmart release from the USA which from a packaging perspective was quite lavish.

As for the mudic, I’ll leave it up to you guys as to what you like and don’t like about ‘Revelation’. I’m not buying into any of the discussion.

In Summary

A new Journey album seems to invoke more interest than most. ‘Revelation’ seems to have topped all expectation in terms of the ongoing debate about the former lead singer who has been given the title of ‘He Who Shall Not Be Named’, and the new boy on the block – Filipino vocalist Arnel Pineda.

For those that gave up on Journey and feel disenfranchised by it all – well, that’s your view, and good on you for having one (a view that is). For those that continue to carry the faith, just give the music the attention, and not all the other nonsense that has plagued this band and this album.


Never Walk Away (Live)

Journey (Arnel Pineda) - Never Walk Away ~ HD QUALITY (Las Vegas 2008)

Where Did I Lose Your Love
Where Did I Lose Your Love • Journey Live In Manila 2009

Entire Album Disc 1 only (Select Tracks)
Playlist: Journey "Revelation" (2008 Album Disc 1 w/Bonus Tracks)
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