Issa - Sign Of Angels

Issa – Sign Of Angels

86 / 100

Issa’s ‘Sign Of Angels’ is one of the better albums for Frontiers in 2010. Issa – a name for the future, count on it.

Written by: gdmonline

ALBUM: Sign Of Angels
LABEL: Frontiers
YEAR: 2010


LINEUP: Issa – vocals * Nobby Noberg – bass * Peter Huss – guitars * Tim Larsson – keyboards * Uli Kusch – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Angels Crying * 02 I’m Alive * 03 Give Me A Sign * 04 River Of Love * 05 What Can I Do * 06 Closer * 07 Unbelievable * 08 How Will I Know * 09 As I Live And Breathe * 10 Flying High * 11 It’s Not Me * 12 Falling Angel




I know we have a load of fans of the female fronted AOR/rock sub-genre. So in that case, you should all be listening to young Norwegian goddess Issa, recently signed to Frontiers complete with a bunch of great songs and a strong line-up of Euro musos who’ve been involved with other major name acts.

Issa is short for Isabell Oversveen, and it’s a good move to have shortened to her nickname. Issa is much better, and suits this hard rockin’ babe to a tee.
Last year we had Lizzy Hale from Halestorm who walked off with the ‘hard rock hottie of the year’ award. This year it looks as if Issa could land the big fish, and talking of fish, this ‘Sign Of Angels’ CD has that oft-used pun of ‘more hooks than a fisherman’s tackle box’.

This album might veer towards the lighter end of the hard rock spectrum, but that’s because Issa’s melodic pop style has been overlaid on a solid foundation. Personally, I don’t think this is light at all, in much the same way that Brother Firetribe or the aforementioned Halestorm appeal with their mass of melody, this Oslo based singer has attracted a swag of outside help in the songwriting, musical and production departments.

The Songs

‘Angels Crying’ leads off in spectacular fashion, pumping bass lines and a soaring vocal from Issa presenting us with a melodic killer. Frontiers have done well to make the outstanding ‘I’m Alive’ as the album’s single, and video contender. A massive affair, with melody and harmony vocals rising to the top like cream. ‘Give Me A Sign’ continues the high quality music, interweaving slower verses with big hook filled choruses, taking you on a thrill-ride.

No meandering with ‘River Of Love’, another pop rock with crunching guitar lines and catchy choruses. ‘What Can I Do’ is an intense and drama filled event, with a hint of a House Of Lords underbelly to it. ‘Closer’ develops from a raw sound at the start into a modern rock outing with sizzle and pop. It’s easy to fall in love with a track like ‘Unbelievable’, it has the same commercial angle that pervaded Tommy Denander‘s involvement in the scene during the 2002-2007 era with outfits such as Deacon Street. I’m certain this could do amazingly well if given a shot on the charts.

‘How Will I Know’ appeals equally, I love that chorus and those keyboard lines last heard on Fair Warning‘s albums. There is plenty in the tank as we head down the back straight toward the end of the album. ‘As I Live And Breathe’ and ‘Flying High’ both punch above their weight, but the ears are captured once again by the impressive power ballad ‘It’s Not Me’, while the album closer ‘Falling Angel’ leaves you wanting more, so it’s back to the track 1 again.

In Summary

You can always tell when an album is a winner, and that is: how often the CD is played, whether on the computer, stereo system, car, or on your mp3 player. ‘Sign Of Angels’ has all bases covered at the moment. For sure, the focus on this CD is the vocal prowess, and Issa sings with power, precision and clarity, and if she keeps this up, it won’t be long before she owns the ‘queen of hard rock’ crown.

Along with Treat‘s ‘Coup De Grace’, Issa’s ‘Sign Of Angels’ is one of the better albums for Frontiers in 2010. Issa – a name for the future, count on it.

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