Felt - Felt

Felt – Felt


Felt was formed in Alabama and based their sound on British blues and prog rock, they hinted at the future of U.S 70’s rock.

Written by: gdmonline

LABEL: Nasco
SERIAL: 9006
YEAR: 1971
CD REISSUE: 2000, Akarma (Italy), Bootleg

LINEUP: Myke Jackson – vocals, guitars * Stan Lee – guitars * Allan Dalrymple – keyboards * Tommy Gilstrap – bass * Mike Neel – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Look At The Sun * 02 Now She’s Gone * 03 Weepin’ Mama Blues * 04 World * 05 The Change * 06 Destination

WEBLINKS: Felt Bandcamp Link


Felt was formed in Huntsville Alabama in the late 60’s. They based their sound and style on the British scene with a hefty dose of blues and prog rock. Felt were a hint on what was to happen on the American 70’s rock landscape, but admittedly it was still early days in the US. Much of the songwriting was the work of singer and guitarist Myke Jackson, while the remaining members give Felt a hard driving edge across these six songs on the little known Nasco label.

The Songs

The opener ‘Look At The Sun’ is a mild affair, with Beatles like melodies flowing throughout. It doesn’t give you an idea of what is to follow though, which is far more rockier.

‘Now She’s Gone’ features a rhythm section straight out of the British blues scene of the late 60’s. Kinda catchy and fluid. ‘Mama’s Weepin’ Blues’ is a trademark blues track with style and lyrics. Poor Mama indeed, a tale of woe. ‘World’ undulates through tender verses and coarse passages on the chorus and solo section. Guitar solos and organ work abound on this one.

The 10 minute opus ‘The Change’ will test your patience if you can make it that far. As expected, the song changes pace-tempo, with numerous time changes and styles. A few solos and loads of organ work help keep it interesting. For the most part, ‘Destination’ cruises out in a restrained manner. To me it sounds like a jazz fusion excursion which is no bad thing from my perspective.

In Summary

Of course, for those of you who have been at GDM for eons, will know that Eric wrote a 1979 album review called ‘Neon Dreams’ by a bloke called Mychael. Well it’s the very same guy from this band, though Myke Jackson’s real name is in fact Mychael John Thomas.

To further add cause to Felt’s online presence, the band reformed for 2012’s ‘Psychedelic Memoirs’, which obviously due to new technology and production techniques, sounds excellent. For those of you into the late 60’s and early 70’s era might find some value with Felt. Oh, and as I finish up, what’s with the creepy album cover? Anyone remember Pennsylvania band Snowmen? Perhaps that’s where Dale Le Roc got his inspiration from.

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1 thought on “Felt – Felt

  1. I was surprised to discover this on Spotify. Typical U.S. rock for the period, shades of psychedelia and blues, references to Vietnam and someone being killed in action during an unjust war – it’s all there. The cover is indeed horrific, I’d like to know what was going on there. Somehow for 1971 this already sounds five years out of date.

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