Existance - Breaking The Rock

Existance – Breaking The Rock


Fantastic French heavy metal, that’s all I will say, Existance may be the epitome of today’s modern metal, even if their style is 80’s metal.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Existance
ALBUM: Breaking The Rock
LABEL: Black Viper Records
YEAR: 2016
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List


LINEUP: Julian Izard – vocals, guitars * Antoine Poiret – guitars * Julien Robilliard – bass * Nicolas Martineau – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Heavy Metal Fury * 02 Honest * 03 We Are Restless * 04 All Is On Fire * 05 Deserve Your Love * 06 Sinner Of Love * 07 Marilyn (Icon Of Desire) * 08 In The Name Of Revenge * 09 Pain In Paradise * 10 Breaking The Rock

RATING: 95/100



Here’s an exciting new band from France I discovered on YouTube over the New Year break. When I first saw their video, I thought maybe they were Brazilian, but no, these boys hail from the land of croissants and champagne.

According to their website, their origins go back to 2008, and they come from Clermont, central France, a breeding ground for top French rugby players as well as heavy metal musicians it appears.

With deals stitched up previously with High Roller Records and Mausoleum Records, the band opted for Black Viper Records on this, their fourth set of recordings (including a set of demos back in 2008). And what an impressive album it is!

The Songs

‘Breaking The Rock’ sounds much better on a full-sounding stereo system than the tinny Deezer streaming files I was listening to on my phone. The expansive production comes to life, as soon as ‘Heavy Metal Fury’ hits the speakers. This intro song contains an Armored Saint like passage as heard on ‘March Of The Saint’, but things soon blast off like Elon Musk’s Space X rocket.

There’s no respite as ‘Honest’ continues the 80’s metal rampage, with big guitars and even bigger vocal chants. ‘We Are Restless’ is a typical metal anthem with all the necessary prerequisites, ‘All Is On Fire’ gallops along mercilessly, though not to Iron Maiden levels, which is instead heard on ‘Deserve Your Love’, obtaining ‘Trooper’ like levels of mad-dash through the verses.

‘Sinner Of Love’ is pegged back speed-wise, and here Existance also sound equally good when the breaks are applied. The band dedicate ‘Marilyn (Icon Of Desire)’ to the 1950’s movie icon, and this one rocks along at a good clip too. ‘In The Name Of Revenge’ takes no prisoners with the metronome banned from the studio by all accounts lol!

This is what I love about these modern metal bands where they combine heaviness, melody, speed and cast iron attitude. ‘Pain In Paradise’ sounds similar to some of the American projects by a guy like Rob Rock (where is he these days?), while I think the best track is left till last, with the title-track ‘Breaking The Rock’ giving everyone an idea as to what Existance are all about.

In Summary

Fantastic French heavy metal. That’s all I will say. Existance may be the epitome of today’s modern metal, even if their style is 80’s metal, and the fact that they’ve been around for a decade now. You can’t deny a band like this when it’s played this well. Check em out.


Breaking The Rock

Existance - Breaking The Rock (Official Video)

Marilyn (Icon Of Desire)
Existance - Marilyn (Icon Of Desire) (Official Video)

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