China Sky - China Sky

China Sky – China Sky

88 / 100

Perhaps one of the better melodic rock combinations from the southern states of the USA were Floridians China Sky.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: China Sky
ALBUM: China Sky
SERIAL: ZK 44088
YEAR: 1988
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Ron Perry – vocals, guitar * Bobby Ingram – guitars, backing vocals * Richard Smith – bass, backing vocals

Additional Musicians: Tom Coerver – keyboards, backing vocals * Frank Wildhorn – keyboards, synths * Bob Marlette – keyboards, percussion, production


TRACK LISTING: 01 Turn On The Night * 02 The Glory * 03 Some Kind Of Miracle * 04 Winner Takes It All * 05 All The Time * 06 Only The Young * 07 Reckless Days * 08 Lost In Your Love * 09 Dancin’ On The Edge * 10 The Last Romantic Warrior


Perhaps one of the better melodic rock combinations from the southern states of the USA were Floridians China Sky. Formed by ex Danny Joe Brown Band guitarist Bobby Ingram, China Sky have a very smooth and commercial flavour to their sound. The China Sky debut was obviously helped by the melodic hand of producer Bob Marlette, a guy who is one of my favourite producers in the melodic rock genre..

In fact in most places it sounds nothing like a southern band, with lovely melodic guitars and lush keyboards coming through the mix rather strongly. Perhaps similar to that 1985 effort from Van Zant or possibly Texan band The Cauze, both bands employing a battery of synths to get the job done.

The Songs

The mere fact is was released on a very small label did not deter avid rock fans from tracking this album down, as it has since become a much sought after item on CD. The strength of the songs is one very good reason why.

The opener ‘Turn On The Night’ is a class act, and a very memorable song to boot. For those following on in its shadow, the phrase ‘AOR anthem’ springs to mind, as witnessed on ‘The Glory’, ‘Some Kind Of Miracle’ and ‘Winner Takes It All’.

China Sky take a break on the lush ballad ‘All The Time’, before recommencing the rock ‘n’ surge of ‘Only The Young’. ‘Reckless Days’ is one of my favourite tracks, with a style not unlike Henry Lee Summer.

We get another interlude ballad with ‘Lost In Your Love’ before rounding out with the impressive duo of ‘Dancin’ On The Edge’, a Jeff Paris soundalike if I’ve ever heard one, and the epic ‘The Last Romantic Warrior’, finishing off as Lynyrd Skynyrd would do with ‘Freebird’ with guitars all over the show. Great stuff!

In Summary

This was their one and only album during the 80’s, though Ingram did go onto greater things with the 90’s incarnation of Molly Hatchet. The band reunited for 2015’s ‘China Sky II’, released on Escape Music. An admirable return but without Ingram in tow unfortunately.

Over the years, the ongoing issue with the original version of this album is whether it was issued on CD, and whether the notable reissues which followed years later were taken from masters. The findings indicate that they weren’t as evidenced by the details on the physical CD and also the cover art used.

So, if you ever see China Sky in your travels, you’d be doing well to secure a copy of it. For Bob Marlette fans I’d be assuming you have this one already under lock and key.


Turn On The Night

China Sky - Turn On The Night

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