Captain Marryat - Captain Marryat

Captain Marryat – Captain Marryat


Scottish band Captain Marryat are influenced by Deep Purple and Uriah Heep but not nearly as heavy.

Written by: Eric

ARTIST: Captain Marryat
ALBUM: Captain Marryat
LABEL: Thor Records
YEAR: 1974
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Jimmy Rorrison – vocals, drums * Hugh Finnegan – bass, vocals * Allan Bryce – organ, vocals * Tommy Hendry – vocals, acoustic guitar * Ian McEleny – lead guitar, acoustic guitar

TRACK LISTING: 01 Blindness * 02 It Happened To Me * 03 A Friend * 04 Songwriters Lament * 05 Changes * 06 Dance Of The Thor



A few years ago an original copy of this Captain Marryat LP sold for a whopping 5000 dollars on eBay. You read it right, a stunning amount of money for an album few heard – from a band almost no one had heard of. But the hunt was on in prog rock circles culminating with a CD reissue in 2009 on the German Shaddock label. Mystery solved it seems and here’s what we know.

Captain Marryat came from Glasgow, Scotland and taking their name from a nineteenth century mariner and writer developed a large following on the Scottish pub and club circuit. Originally set to record a single, a full album followed due to extra studio time and was pressed in a micro quantity of 250 copies only to be sold at gigs. The band tried to get major label interest and a couple biggies EMI and Chrysalis nodded their corporate heads but it was not to be.

The Songs

Influenced by Deep Purple and Uriah Heep but not nearly as heavy, I’m not sure if this album in its original state was worth five grand and in fact, I don’t think any album is worth that kind of money but this is a decent effort.

Organ heavy with typically long tracks, there’s plenty here for proto-prog and Vertigo label fans to sink their teeth into. Comparisons to fellow Glasgow band Beggars Opera have been made on a few of prog web sites and blogs.

I agree especially on the final cut ‘Dance Of Thor’ where Captain Marryat let it all hang out on the albums longest cut, but if there is an issue with the record, it’s a tad too repetitive. And clocking in at just thirty three minutes there’s not a whole lot of value for money unless you, like this reviewer have an appreciation for the early UK progressives. If not your mileage may vary.

In Summary

With that said, all in all I’m glad I’ve had the chance to hear Captain Marryat and this disc will fit nicely with my Cressida, Indian Summer and Spring CD’s. Although I wonder if the guy who bought the original LP on eBay for silly money regrets his decision based on the music contained herein and now that it’s been reissued.




Dance Of Thor
Dance of Thor

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