Billy Squier - Enough Is Enough

Billy Squier – Enough Is Enough


Much like Billy Squier’s previous albums we’ve got a brash production, big drums and a plethora of keys, synths and drum programming.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: Billy Squier
ALBUM: Enough Is Enough
LABEL: Capitol
SERIAL: PJ-12483 (LP), CDP 7 46327 2 (CD)
YEAR: 1986
CD REISSUE: Discogs Reissue List

LINEUP: Billy Squier – vocals, guitars, synthesiser * Jeff Golub – guitars, slide guitar * Robin Jeffrey – guitar (#) * T.M Stevens – bass * Alan St. John*, Andy Richards, David Frank, Jeff Bova – keyboards, synthesiser * Brian Gulland – recorder (#9) * Bobby Chouinard – drums * Steve Ferrone – drums (#8) * Jody Linnscott – percussion * Jimmy Bralower – drum programming * Alan St. Jon, Mitch Weissman – backing vocals * Freddie Mercury – additional vocals (#2)

TRACK LISTING: 01 Shot O’ Love * 02 Love Is The Hero * 03 Lady With A Tenor Sax * 04 All We Have To Give * 05 Come Home * 06 Break The Silence * 07 Powerhouse * 08 Lonely One * 09 Til It’s Over * 10 Wink Of An Eye



As I write this article a few days out from Christmas 2022, I was astonished to find that the subject of this write-up Billy Squier has racked up 72 years on the timeline clock. Of his significant 80’s era output, his albums from 1986 onward did not attract much attention from myself, a shame really as there was nothing untoward about them, just my preoccupation with other bands and artists during that time frame. Squier wasn’t the only one to miss out.

‘Enough Is Enough’ was produced in both New York and London, with Squier and Peter Collins (Rush and Queensryche etc) doing the bulk of the heavy lifting. The music here is still heavy handed like Billy’s previous albums including a brash production, big drums and a plethora of keys, synths and drum programming. It was the mid 80’s after all.

The Songs

‘Shot O Love’ written by Danny Kortchmar is a boisterous opener, living up to its song title. Of interest to followers of Queen is the appearance of Freddie Mercury on ‘Love Is The Hero’. He also co-wrote the next track ‘Lady With A Tenor Sax’. Not quite sure how Freddie ended up on the album but at least it provided some added value.

‘All We Have To Give’ applies the brakes somewhat, a tune that is draped in keyboards and a team of backing vocals. Despite the mid-tempo, I quite like this one. ‘Come Home’ returns to the punchy hard rock Squier is known for, though it is abrupt in places, especially the chorus. ‘Break The Silence’ with its AOR approved keyboards should find immediate appeal among the 80’s faithful. One of my highlights. ‘Powerhouse’ is a definite cranky rocker, on this one the funky bass lines of T.M Stevens are highly evident.

‘Lonely One’ is another winner, a very slick tune very much in keeping with other solo artists of the era. In this case I’m thinking Tommy Shaw from his 1984-85 time frame. Delicate acoustic guitar introduces ‘Til It’s Over’, it’s a folky themed rocker with recorder parts through the song supplied by ex Gryphon woodwind master Brian Gulland. Obviously, Led Zeppelin is the comparison here. ‘Wink Of An Eye’ is a good way to complete the picture, another robust rocker which demonstrated that Squier was still on top of his game at this point of his career.

In Summary

‘Enough Is Enough’ despite the attention given to it, wasn’t a bonafide success, selling only 300,000 units according to Wikipedia. I believe there are a brace of good songs here, and more importantly, the whole thing is listenable containing no duds, as far as my ears could tell. Capitol Records obviously thought so too, sticking with Billy’s next three releases: ‘Here And Now’ (1989), ‘Creatures Of Habit’ (1991) and ‘Tell The Truth (1993). Some, or maybe all of those could be added to the GDM review queue for 2023.


Love Is A Hero

Billy Squier - Love Is The Hero

Break The Silence
Break The Silence

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