8084 - So Far

8084 – So Far


This CD is a compilation of tracks taken from the 8084’s prior releases going back to the 80’s.

Written by: gdmonline

ARTIST: 8084
YEAR: 1999
CD INFO: Discogs Info

LINEUP: Randy Smith – vocals, keyboards * Andre Maquera – guitars, keyboards * Frank Barnes – bass * Scott Belisle – drums

TRACK LISTING: 01 Too Late For Love * 02 Hideaway * 03 Badman * 04 Hold On * 05 Surrender * 06 Fire * 07 Thunder In Her Heart * 08 Lonely At The Top * 09 She Comes To Me * 10 Lovers Feel * 11 Call Me



Ooh yeah. This is how I like it. Keyboards and guitars all over the place, melodies soft, melodies heavy, grunt and subtlety, all rolled together into one package. Not exactly a contemporary 90’s sounding band are 8084 (eight-oh-eight-four), who definitely have their sound and hearts set in the 80’s. But then that’s what this site is all about.

Hailing from Vermont, which is not known as a breeding ground for melodic rock, 8084 have defied the odds and produced some wonderful pompous AOR. Contemporaries include Fortune (the 1985 version), Sugarcreek, Duke Jupiter, and Magnum. The latter is a fair comparison considering Randy Smith’s vocals veer close to Bob Catley territory.

This CD is a compilation of tracks taken from the band’s prior releases going back to the 80’s. Overall each track is a memorable workout, and I’ve certainly given it a fair spin on the CD player in recent weeks. These guys are backed by the same team that bought you Under Fire‘s re-released 1985 album, namely Gary Borress and ex New England drummer Hirsh Gardner who does production duties. So you know it’s gonna be good. But how good?

The Songs

Well, if there’s a weak track on this platter I can’t find it. The whole thing is pretty varied, but the energy level and enthusiasm are right up there. Listen to tracks like ‘Fire’ and the superb opener ‘Too Late For Love’.

The track ‘Hold On’ is a deadringer for Duke Jupiter‘s ‘Dancing On The Ice’, while guitar crunch abounds on ‘Thunder In Her Heart’ and the last track ‘Call Me’. In between times, songs like ‘Badman’ and the lovely ballad ‘She Comes To Me’ show what this band are capable of.

In Summary

‘So Far’ is 8084’s fourth album and is a compilation of what has gone before, and judging from what I’ve heard here, I hope the hell this is not the last. For the listener, you can check out MP3 tracks from their website. However, this album is so good that all discerning AOR and melodic rock fans (particularly those veering on the pomp side of things), should buy a copy immediately, again from the website. Thanks to Gary at GB Music.

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